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State of affairs in #Iran

by Christian Pankauke

An die deutschen Mitleser, wie viele von euch evtl registriert haben werden, bin ich inzwischen bei Twitter angemeldet und zwar ungefähr seit dem Smart Mob für Informationsfreiheit. –> therefore now Twitter-Style –> Denglish 😉 (mainly in English, I hope everyone understands me, otherwise check out: (very good English – German dictionary))

–> note @myself: maybe an overview for different dictionaries might be helpful for your readers … –> „maybe later“ says #LOBO CVC :-P)

LobO means Lifestyle of bad Organisation, I recommend a book, I have found via #German_Wikipedia searching infos about #procrastination (auf Deutsch: Aufschieben) –> push:

Das Buch von Max Goldt fand ich als langjähriger Titanic-Leser (tuvm @Stadtbuecherei Soest) natürlich auch nicht schlecht 😉

If anyone has followed my second Twitter-Account GreenPeaceFan, he or she will have recognized, that I am really interested in the political situation in Iran and care a lot for the people there. Some of my friends told me: „Chris, you are going crazy by tweeting so much. You can not worry about every injustice in the world. Such things happen, people die and that will go on for ever and ever …“ (reminds me to a New Model Army song, don’t know which one atm.)

Btw I should switch on my radio, music = fun + inspiration 🙂 –> @1live atm #Black_Eyed_Peas „I gotta feeling“ <– makes me happy aka @Compiversteher says 😉 <– Twitter style in my blog …

Just found some interesting articles e.g. the unmasking comment Why McCain matters of  Matt Steinglass about the GOP in America. But b2T (back to Topic) Iran: One of my close friends, Nader, and his fiance come from there and because of this friendship I became acquainted with some other IMHO also very intelligent Iranians –> THEREFORE I care @ the above mentioned ‚friends‘ … Some months ago my father was @ Iran for checking a cement plant for his (now former) company.

Furthermore my uncle living in Frankfurt now, used to work for another large German company. Afair he had to flee in an not really epic, but dangerous voyage from Iran during the Islamic Revolution in 1979. All were happy that he came back safe to Germany xD. But that shows there was always a strong + usually good relationship between Iran and Germany.

Thus at first only one interesting blog here @ WordPress (maybe it will really become a press for the world, oops word not WORLD 😉 which reports of the state of affairs in Iran: niacINSIGHT.

I am going to recommend other interesting online sources of information about the electoral fraud in Iran and the consequences, but I also have some things to do, e.g. care for my customers and friends.

–> Maybe cu @ Twitter

Peace, love and understanding from GreenPeaceFan aka Fault-Finder #1 😉 Chris


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